Craving a midday refresher? Just a spritz of the rose infused mist will leave you with a fresh and moisturized face. Retails $26 Pick up midlothian off old hundred
Authentic 6 pack


Make up setting spray.. matte finish formula keeps makeup looking flawless and delivers a quick hit if hydration and sun protection anytime you need it. Retails for $36 Pick up midlothian off old hundred
Oster Professional Ball-bearing Chrome Hand-held Massager/ Masajador Profesional Personal Features & details Made of 100% ball bearing constructionTraditional frame design with special frame contour to fit hand and reduce hand fatigueChrome housing and rubber hand padHeavy-duty, single speedUL approved 120v
Deluxe 18 Color- not used perfect condition. It is missing the small sponge brushes. Lisa Perry palette- not used. $15 both
Nike Ponytail Holders Authentic 9 Hair Bands Total Retail: $10 $9 FIRM & Includes Shipping Send message to order Feel free to like & share our Facebook page:
Starting @ $120+ Wholesale/Custom Natural Handmade Soaps I do private labels and custom orders the same. After working with you to design the perfect soap, I require full payment before I make the batch. Once the soap is fully cured, I ship it to you wrapped. I also include a list of the ingredients I used so that the individual or company can advertise accordingly. Call us to help you create...
100% Olive Oil Soap made with no fragrance. Castile Soap is gentle enough for a newborn baby's tender skin, can be used as a post-surgical soap or to hydrate older skin, which can become thinner and parchment-like, vulnerable to bruising. Our Castile Soap is the one most frequently selected by our customers undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, who say it soothes the burning skin sensation ma...
Ten bulb canopy style tanning unit in excellent condition. Just like a commercial pro tanning bed except canopy style. Adjustable height for desired closeness.